Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week One Dominican Republic MTC

My flight went good, I was one of few who got all their bags ha ha! My companion is Elder Hainsworth from Kuna ha ha! imagine that ;) the MTC is awesome, there are only about 50 missionaries total in the MTC and I will be here for five more weeks, and Thursday is P-day so you know. On the flight I met up with a few missionaries at New York and we flew over together. I can't say much now but I will be back on later today and will finish updating you on the rest of my week. 
 I love you so much Mom!

So I'm roomed up with another companionship, Elder Coombs, and Elder Brinkerhoff. These kids are super spiritual and have great faith in Jesus Christ. Elder Brinkerhoff yesterday was playing ultimate frizbee and got taken out by another Elder and hit his head on the concrete and was taken to the hospital, he is supposed to be back today but we'll see how he is doing. I landed my back flip yesterday, there is an Elder who was in cheer and he helped me with it and I landed it!!! I've had some super spiritual experiences with my teachers and with the Elders and Sisters in my district which is Alma district. I wrote them all in my journal so when I fill it up and send it to you; you can read about them. A couple I will tell you though, the first one, was with a local who was about 10 years old or so and I couldn't understand him speaking and I told him I was a greengo, then he poked my head and said something but what I took from it was that I'm only a greengo if I believe it. Probably one minute later the cook tried telling me something but again I couldn't understand and I started to get frustrated and he noticed and he told me "Don't worry Elder." I dang near broke out in tears ha ha. The other one happened yesterday when Elder Brinkerhoff went to the hospital, they brought him to the room and I administered a blessing to him and we got word that he was doing much better. That experienced strengthened my faith a ton in the priesthood and the power that is given to us with this mantel we hold. I went to the temple today and talk about BEAUTIFUL!!! It was so cool to be in that temple.
I asked dad to send me my camera charger so if you could remind him and get that to me, that would be great! :) Oh and if you could send me some pictures of the family (via email) that would be awesome! Hopefully I'll have a video to send you next week. I love you so much mom and I'm SO grateful that you raised me to be a man of God.

I know you won't ever get annoyed with me e-mailing you so I'm going to take advantage of it when I can.
Anyway, I'm one week down and I have five to go, on Tuesday we're going to the store to get food and other things we might need then the Friday following we will go the University and get referrals and just talk to people then on week five and six we go on splits with the missionaries. From what I've heard from the older guys here people are CRAZY! But I'm still excited. The dorm rooms are kind of like a college dorm without the kitchen. We have AC and bunk beds with issued sheets and pillow, we get three square meals a day and an hour of exercise everyday except Sunday and on P-days we go to the temple. We have really tall walls all the way around the facility and a guarded gate to get into the grounds.. Oh and one wall has razor wire on it. Hahaha sounds exciting huh ;) I'll have more time next week and I'll be able to get you pictures too hopefully but until then you can send me some ;) ha ha! I love you mom, give everyone my love and hugs for me.
All is well in the Kingdom of God
Love Elder Henze

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