Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Two in the MTC (CCM)

So the older missionaries that were here when I got here left this past Tuesday and we just got some fresh Elders last night and I can really see how much I have been blessed with; with this language ha ha. I'm so glad I can be out here and I hope you know that I pray for all of you every time I pray and believe me I pray a lot ha ha. 
So on Tuesday, we got to go to the tienda (store) and oh my goodness talk about crazy ha ha, just walking
down I think about ten accidents almost happened ha ha, people on motorcycles fly between everyone and 
here there is no such thing as a line, if a guy on a bike can fit through a space, he'll take it and go all the way 
to the front ha ha. And the bus thing is true, I really don't want to ride on one. That weirdest thing I saw was 
the taxi like cars, they would pack everyone they could in, I saw six or seven people in the back of a Honda
Civic ha ha. Needless to say, when I got back to the CCM, I had a greater appreciation for A/C, hot showers
and clean air ha ha. The food is good but I never ask what the meat is because it honestly could be dog, cat, 
duck, chicken or some other stray animal, and we have beans and rice for lunch everyday but it's okay 
because they give us variety for the other two meals and every Sunday we get pizza and ice cream. 
The people are super nice and friendly and I have some of the best teachers ever! 
Last week I was having a tough time with the language and what not and so I talked with the CCM 
President, President Freestone and he counseled with me and gave me some good tips for studying.
He also made a promise that my Spanish would be better than my companion. I said in disbelief 
"when that day comes." he cut me off and said "When that day comes, I'll take you to get a ice cream
shake in Brigham City." I just sat there for a second then we smiled and I said okay ha ha. 
Sundays are awesome! We have a typical meetings and then we watch videos and stuff but that's not 
why it's awesome, it's awesome because the spirit is so strong the entire day! And the Temple is SOOO
AWESOME!!! It is so beautiful and WAY bigger than the Boise temple ha ha.  
Mom, I'm so glad I have the opportunity to be here and serve. It hasn't been easy and expected that
but I know that through faith and perseverance, I will prevail. I love all the people in my district and 
district Benjamin even though some of them are super annoying ha ha. 
I love you so much Mom, I know the Lord will provide the way through all our trials. My new favorite 
missionary song is "God Speed the Right" I want you to read it to the family and let me know what they
all say. 

All is well in the Kingdom of God! 

Love Elder Henze 

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