Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 20, 2014

Hey Mom,
This week was pretty awesome, we went to the University last Friday to give out some Books of Mormon and Restoration pamphlets and as to be expected I was super nervous to talk to people because they speak super fast and even when they speak slow I still can't understand them haha anyway I talked to the first person and it went okay and the second person we talked to actually asked us to give her some money so she can catch a bus to her house and before we left, I grabbed 40 pesos and didn't know why so that was cool then she asked us something else but neither I or my companion knew what she said so we said goodbye and left haha. Believe it or not that's not the coolest part, I was pretty discouraged because of my inability to communicate so I sat down on a bench and offered up a prayer and asked that we be led to those people who he has prepared to hear the gospel. After I finished we sat for a moment then got up and started walking. We got to a crossing and my companion suggested we go down another street and we got about 100 feet down the sidewalk and a guy across the street literally called for us to come over and talk to him. So we ran over and it turned out the guy spoke English and we had an awesome discussion for like 45 minutes, and at the end he asked where we worship so he could see for himself how we do things on Sundays so that was AWESOME!!!! ha ha It was definitely testament to me that the Lord has our best interest in mind. 
So anyway that is crazy that there is that much snow in Kuna ha ha and I loved Luke's igloo, I showed it to everyone ha ha. Honestly I would rather be freezing my royal Rastafarian nay nays off rather than sweating them off haha ;) The power goes out all the time here, well, not all the time at the CCM but every once in a while. President Douglas came by and met everyone and that was super cool, anyway he said the power goes out quite a bit so these next two years should be interesting haha Oh and guess what!!!......... They have PIZZA HUT and.... TACO BELL hahahaha. 
What's going on? Not much, just the basic stuff we do everyday. Tomorrow we go on splits with the missionaries in the field and I can't wait for that!!! I told you I met Pres. Douglas and he is SUPER awesome, way chill and way in tune with the spirit. We got new missionaries, two Jamaicans and a bunch of Latinos so that is awesome! 
I know you have a bunch of questions and ask away, next Thursday is my last P-day in the CCM so I'll spend all day answering questions if I need to :)
I'm doing my best to stay positive and keep my head up and keep moving. 
Tell Luke I love him.
I love you so much Mom, 

Love Elder Henze

                                   This is their beds at the CCM, but I couldn't tell you whats up with them

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