Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 11, 2015

Hey Mom,
I´m so glad ya´ll are doing so good, Please give Luke a massive hug for me and tell him congrats and tell him how proud of him I am. That´s awesome that Jacob is loving the ROTC program, I pray for him everyday in regards to that and his schooling. I also pray for you and Dad too. I did a fast from yesterday afternoon to this afternoon for the families financial situation and specific things for you, Dad, Jacob, Luke, Ron III, Danny, Lene', and Darcy, Ya´ll have been on my mind a lot this past few days, but don´t worry, the Lord is preparing the way. So my baptism is this week on the 14th, I accidentally told you wrong and I can´t remember if I told you that he asked me to baptize him, and this Friday guess what he´s going to cook for us....... Burgers!!!!! I´m so excited!!! Funky foods, no not really, just a bunch of beans, rice, chicken and meat. Although I did have mashed potatoes with peppers and broccoli and eggs, it was a real meal that was healthy, that blew my mind haha! I didn´t think it was possible in this country haha!  Interesting people, there is a guy who is a drug addict and alcoholic who yells at us every night we pass by him, and he was following us home one night and my companion like yelled at him and told him to leave so he did haha!
 Transfers are on the 25th so not next week but the week after, and I´ll more than likely be getting a new companion.  Spiritual experience, we went contacting for the first time this week and oh boy that sucked haha but we went the next day too and it was like night and day, all I did was study a little bit what I would say and that made a world of difference, the Lord said, ¨seek ye first to obtain my word¨ and that is so true, if we don´t know the doctrine how do we expect to teach anything? But all is well and what not, I´m glad you pray for my protection everyday because the people here are nuts haha! If you have more questions feel free to ask. 
I´m so happy that everyone is doing so good and everyone is happy, I´ll try to send my memory card home soon so you can take the pictures off of it and see how I´m doing and all that good stuff. 
Mom, I love you so much and I´m so happy that you are my Mom, I wouldn´t want it any other way. 
I love you so much Mom,

Love Elder Henze

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