Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 7, 2015

Hey Mom, 
So it´s been good and the New Year (año nuevo) was good too, we had a sleepover at our ZL´s house and that was pretty cool . So for New Years in the DR, they have parties all over the place and when the clock strikes 000hrs fireworks go off everywhere and people start shooting in the air for no reason at all and people get robbed and all that good stuff ha ha it´s pretty crazy to say the least, and yeah we came in early New Years Eve we called it a day at about 1800hrs (I can´t find the colon button so that´s why I´m using military time) when it just starts to get dark. Yeah these past few weeks have been really hard, with the language and with being away from the family, and I don´t feel like I have anyone here I can really open up to so that´s not helping either. 
That´s awesome Luke is doing all that stuff, lucky turd gets to go snowboarding, I can´t even see snow, but I saw the beach today from like 100 miles away. We climbed to the top of Pico Diego and saw the ocean. Squirrel... haha Anyway, How were the tryouts? 
So our investigators are doing good, Andres and Bielka are moving right along but they are still wondering if marriage is right for them and really that is the only thing holding them back from baptism. We had a lesson with them yesterday about following the prophet and that went well. Andres´s parents were there and his mom started crying and saying what a blessing and a help we have been to him in his life to help him change for the better and then she said when she goes back to the states she is going to go to church and bare her testimony and say how awesome the Mormons are hahahaaha that was  hilarious! ha ha!! They´re really only our best investigators, no one else is progressing which sucks. 
The weather is always hot except for at night it actually gets cold.  The average temperature is about 80 or so  
I´m just guesstimating so don´t quote me on that haha. 

Tell Colton I said congrats and give him a hug for me please. 

I love you so much Mom and I can´t wait to see you on Mothers day! 

I love you
Love Elder Henze

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