Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 4, 2015

Hey Mom,
 President Douglas is super awesome and I told him thank you for y´all and no he hasn´t followed up with me yet and honestly I can´t blame the guy he has to take care 200 plus missionaries that complain all the time so in time he will get with me haha. Give Luke a giant hug for me and tell him congrats. 
So with the Spanish, your dead on, I´m learning quickly and I can speak really well but it´s the understanding that gets me and I was talking to Elder King one day and he told me that right now the Lord doesn´t need me to understand people he just needs me to be his mouth piece and in time when he needs me to, I will understand, and I´m trying really hard to listen and get what I can out of everything that is being said but in time I´ll get it. 
So my faith building experience happened this past Sunday and it´s not what you would expect and don´t freak out. So last week our ward mission leader was attacked and robbed and was pistol whipped in the face and now his eye is sown shut so it can heal, but his sons Botiko and Carlos and another guy went out looking for this guy.  On Sunday we went over to his house to eat lunch and it just so happens that they found one of the guys that did it and Botiko almost stabbed the guy three times (he tried three times to stab him) but our ward mission leader told him no and that he was making the family look bad so he left for a few minutes. My companion got the feeling that we needed to leave and so we grabbed the food and left. Later that day we saw Carlos and he said that after we left they all noticed and basically said, ¨crap the missionaries left, that means the spirit isn´t here.¨ and that is what kept them from killing that guy. We have a huge influence on the members and the people around us and they know that we carry the spirit and if we leave people (everyone) notices. Later that night while we were planning we heard four gun shots down the street and when we looked out the window we saw the SWAT team swarming after someone hahahahaha that was funny. 
That is awesome that Colton is going so soon, I´m so happy for him. And Daniel too that is Super awesome! Let me know where he goes.
Well Mom, I´m healthy and well and I´m loving the mission. We got a couple married yesterday and next Saturday they will be baptized. 
I love you so much Mom, and I miss you like CRAZY!!! But that is why I am out here, for the family.
I love you Mom,

Love Elder Henze  

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