Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 28, 2015

Hey Mom,
I know right now is a difficult time so I´m just going to leave you with my testimony. The details of my week are with Dad.

Mom, I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was established for our progression and that the Plan of Salvation is a perfect plan, The Lord loves all of us and is always with us in our times of difficulty and trial. There is a story that says a man was walking with Christ on the beach and there was two sets of foot prints but when times got hard there were only one set of foot prints and he asked Christ why he left him in the hard times and Christ replied that when there was only one set of foot prints, that is when Christ was carrying him. 
Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are ALWAYS with us and when the times get hard they are always there to bare us up and carry us in our trials. 
I´m so grateful for our family and for this Gospel and for the knowledge we have. 
I love you so much Mom and I know Grandpa is with you too.
I love you

Elder Henze

And to Dad

Hey Dad, 
I´m glad yáll could make it to Grandpa´s funeralt. I pray for the family everyday and I know that all is well even in this hard time, God is always with us, Christ knows our pain and He will help us in our times of need.
 I´m still pushin' and yes I have felt Grandpa´s and Nana´s help in all of my lessons. I had a cool experience yesterday because I was a little frustrated because I wasn´t understanding people yet and I´m still not and when we got home that night my comp. told me that yesterday was my best day by far and that what I´m saying is super good, so God right now just needs me to speak and listening and understanding will come later when He needs me to be able to do that, it was deffinately a cool answer to a prayer and one I really needed so I made a promise to God that I would become the best speaker I could while he needs me too and when I will understand I will be the best I can at that too so I´m tryin hard to do my best.
That´s awesome Luke´s game went well and that is freakin AWESOME that he got MVP! Be sure to give him a hug for me. 
Dad I love you and I know that Christ lives and that He loves all of us and does our Heavenly Father, I know that is always with us in all of our trials to bare us up. There is a really cool story I read once, I will need to find it and send it to you next week. 

Dad I love and miss you so much and I´m not comin' home until the work is done so until that time I´ll keep pushin'.

Love Elder Henze

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