Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 14, 2015

Hey Mom, 
I´m sorry to hear about Grandpa, no it´s not surprising but it´s still sad to hear. 
It´s a relief to hear that Jacob is joining the ROTC program and Luke made the A team, keep me updated on his games and what not. 
So transfers were today and our District Leader is training until he dies (finishes). I´m in a ward and there is only one ward that I visit and it is a normal church building thankfully and the members are not really motivated, to be honest we have investigators that are more motivated about it than our members. We meet at 0900hrs so nice and early and we always have to be an hour early. We have a couple new investigators finally and one of them is looking really promissing, his name is Jerimias (ask Jacob how to pronouce it in spanish) and with Andres and Bielka, we´re setting a date with them tonight to get married and baptized, so it should be fun haha.
Thank you Mom for your prayers I definitely need them, I´ve had some good experiences and some not so good but I know through every experience there is something I have to learn so I just keep truckin' along haha.
I love you Mom, The time is flying by and I can´t wait until I see you on Mothers Day. 
I love you 
Love Elder Henze

And one for Dad :)

Hey Dad, 
Thanks for letting me know about grandpa and what´s going on, I´ll be sure to keep him in my prayers, I´m grateful Dad that we have this Gospel and the knowledge we have of the life here after, all is well and I know that everything will be okay. I´m glad yáll went to go visit him though, Mom needed that.
So did Jacob join the ROTC program? What was Luke´s score on his hunters safety test? 
The workouts are good and I´ll make sure to improve every week. 
Mary has my address and phone number? Did she ever go to the office? I´ll just expect a call from her soon then haha. 
The Spanish is getting better little bits at a time but it´s getting better. 
I was raised to give my all so that is what I´m going to do. I love you Dad and I´m so glad I have the chance to serve the Lord here in the DR I have seen the blessings that this Gospel brings to the lives of others through us as missionaries.
I love you so much Dad and I can´t wait to see you again on Mothers day.
I love you Dad, 
Love Elder Henze

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